Plus Size Batgirl Costume

Halloween is not for children only, adult men and women enjoy dressing up like their favorite superheros and movie characters. That’s the reason to pick another women’s plus size costume Butgirl. The costume is on the sexy side, the vinyl dress is curves forming and flattering.

sexy batgirl plus size costume
Sexy batgirl plus size costume

Huntress Dress For Halloween Party

I’ve found this Huntress ensemble on a website selling Halloween costumes. But the reason to share it is that you can easily do it yourself. The only thing you need is bow and arrow set.
This plus size Halloween ensemble consists of a camisole, hooded cape, camisole, and a wide belt, which can be found in most wardrobes.
If you have sewing skills, then watch this video tutorial on how to make easily hooded cape for your costume

You will need heeled knee high boots, or at least boots to match your appearance. The sexy, the better, you know!

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Disney Minnie Mouse Toddler / Child Costume

I liked this Disney Minnie Mouse child costume because it is so cute and adorable. Its not scary but it can still make an awesome pick for Halloween costume. This Disney Minnie Mouse girl costume is suitable also for any role playing party.
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Piercing Beauty Adult Plus Size Costume

I must admit this women plus size Halloween dress seems to me too expensive for one night wearing only. But I expect its price to be reduced with Halloween coming closer. The dress is sexy and if you look closer at its design, and the amount of time, fabric, and work involved, the piercing beauty dress is a real bargain!
Piercing Beauty Adult Plus Size Costume
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