Swimsuits Fashion Trends in 2016

Swimsuits Fashion Trends in 2016
Here is the first draft of the women’s plus sizes swimsuit review in 2016. Most of the fashion trends continue from the last year, i.e. retro 70s high waist bikini, polka dots and vintage prints. There are quite a bit boho inspired fringe tops and bikini bottoms to choose from.  Whether sol…

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Tall Gladiator Sandals To Fit Wide Calf

Tall gladiator sandals are not only for skinny legs any more. This season you can find lace up tall gladiator sandals that can be adjusted to accommodate thick calves. Ghillies (lace up shoes) are very fashionable and will be this spring summer season, so if you haven’t dared to try tall gladiator sandals so far, now is the time to pick a pair.

tall gladator sandals lace up adjustable

tall gladator sandals lace up adjustable