Plus size peasant tops×600.jpg
Plus size peasant tops are easy, breezy and just in time for the hot summer weather. Everybody loves the flowy silhouette.
Buy Online You can wear this trendy plus size top in three ways summer bright colors
Embroidered White Cotton Peasant Blouse Buy Online Real classic, white cotton peasant bl…

Cold Shoulder Top Summer Outfit×600.jpg
Cold shoulder tops and dresses fashion trend is very popular this summer. This is not something new for most fashionasitas, though. Off-the-shoulder everything was a fashion fave in 2015. This year we can see the trend has evolved in cold shoulder silhouette, a trend which seems to be very pr…

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Wide Width Prom Shoes

If you are looking for trendy and somewhat comfortable to wear wide width prom shoes, here you can find a couple to help you choose a pair to match your prom gown.
There is no need to be overly matchy when picking a couple of wide width prom shoes, you can safely pick a sparkling metal sandals in pewter, silver or gold and complement them with a clutch and jewelry.

Plus size caftans double as a cover-up
If you think of a caftan as a loose- fitting ugly tent- alike garment, you probably have seen enough of it, and would rather indulge in some form- hugging, tailored alternatives of caftan. The fact is that caftan is more flexible than that and can be worn on many occasions, as loungewear,…

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Lightweight Cotton Caftan for lounging or pool coverup

It is almost midsummer and warm weather, poolside and garden gatherings are still in store for us, that’s why so some extra coverage will be nice. My pick is this lightweight cotton caftan with deep side slits and hand-sewn embellishment silver seed beads, turquoise faceted jewels. Unique pompom beads and white roping follow the neckline. Although the fabric is lightweight, the intense tie-dye print makes it less transparent and more covering. The idea of putting on you something feminine and pretty as you after rolling out of bed or getting out of the pool is great!
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Festive earrings to complement summer outfits

Although workweek requires suitable dress code required by our employers or the companies we work for, weekends are all for ourselves. So why don’t cut loose and wear outfits that speak volumes about the real us, free and happy beings. Not to mention that Summer is the time to afford bright color clothing and floral prints. One of the most popular dressing styles, your company dressing policy will not allow you wear to work, is the festive look, or boho. There is nothing special about this style, just make sure you put enough color, fancy prints and statement jewelry like this pair of festive earrings: