Sweet Spring Dress

sweet spring dress in white- Calvin Klein Plus- Plus Size Scalope Eyelet Dress
Celebrate the spring season in lovely dresses that work for any occasion. If you are going to a fancy brunch, graduation ceremony, prom, or soiree this spring? Here is your your dress!
Sweet Spring Dress # 1 Calvin Klein Plus- Plus Size Scalope Eyelet Dress
The first pick is a beautiful little…

Spring Break Plus Size Bathing Suit

junior_plus_size_swimwear.jpgI know Spring Break is over for the most of the college students but yet bathing suit is something that is worthy extra mentioning. When the cold weather is over and warm sun sets in it is time for tan and sunbathing. To cut loose and enjoy outdoor activities what the junior plus size lady needs is a plus size bathing suit.
Pack your junior plus size bathing suit and hit one of the best location of spring break vacation: Daytona Beach, Florida; South Padre Island, Texas; Panama City, Florida, and Cancun, Mexico.